City of Richmond

We very proudly build and renovate custom homes in the City of Richmond. We make sure these homes reflect Richmond’s unique style, while ensuring that they are up to historical codes.

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About the Area

Living in historic Richmond allows you reach anything you might need, simply by walking or biking to nearby stores. With restaurants on merely every corner with raving reviews, and businesses conveniently embedded in the historical districts, you can get everything you need without ever having to get in a car.

Shopping and Restaurants

Living in Richmond means there is plenty of diverse food and shopping options at your fingertips. You might not even have to get in a car.

Family Friendly

Living in a city has its perks for families. With plenty of museums, public parks, and historic walks, there is plenty of things to tucker your child out for an afternoon nap.

Quality Education

There are many options for education in the city, both public and private. 


We build and renovate around various areas in the City of Richmond. Contact us using the button below and we can share some of the projects we've worked on around the area.

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